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Gifts to savour

Oils and Vinegars “on tap”.

With stunning flavours, perfectly stored and beautifully presented our Ex-Virgin Olive Oils and Sweet Somerset Vinegars make lovely personalised gifts for adventurous and discriminating foodies.

oil_bottle_124x184 All the oils and vinegars are stored in a foil bag with a tap, inside pottery crocks. Unlike other “on tap” oils and vinegars these are therefore kept in top condition, protected from light and air.

The oils are made by introducing the chillies, garlic, truffles, Sicilian lemon, mushrooms etc. at the olive pressing stage giving their flavours exquisite intensity and freshness.  We also have pure French walnut oil.

The vinegars are sweet and natural, whether it is our outright favourite raspberry, or one of the herb flavours such as thyme,  or figgy balsamic… yum!

We bottle, cork, seal, inscribe and gift wrap for you.  Come and try them and see if you can resist buying yourself one whilst solving the problem of what to offer friends who have everything.


Carved Angel Preserves

These delicious condiments come from the famous Dartmouth restaurant of that name on the banks of the river Dart.  The creation of the famous Christmas pudding by the founder Joyce Molyneux was the beginning of their versatile and stylish luxury food range. Delightfully packaged, with amusing names, the pickles and chutneys are used in our food.