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We no longer stock cookware.

We have a large range of quality greetings cards and quality wrapping paper and gift bags.

We still stock the following products which make nice gifts for the kitchen and home:

83x80_OL081_rustic_boat_shaped1Our olivewood is all from sustainable sources and includes a range of utensils; ladles and salad servers with beautiful lines, boards, bowls and unusual pieces like pie slices and olive picks in little barrels.  The “rustic”, or natural shape, boards are top sellers.

Painted Spanish Terracota from Divine Deli

Flavoured Ex-Virgin Olive Oils and Sweet British Vinegars from Vinegar Tips

Jewellery and Scarves

Toiletries by Heaven Scent and Naturally European

Room Fragrance; candles and reed diffusers by Heaven Scent and Naturally European

Soft Toys by Jelly Cat

Books for Children by Usborne

Gardening Accesories by Apples to Pear