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... your efforts rewarded
With an accessible location outside a main shopping area we are well placed to compete with Internet prices. As a specialist shop service is key to our success and we demonstrate, or let you try the tools and equipment we sell. So if you are looking for the perfect peeler, new knives, or a coffee machine and aren't convinced you are spending your money wisely, come and find out before you buy.
SKK Frying Pans
10% off

Half Price "Try Me" 20cm frypan £39

Delia's favourite - still.  She recommended this first time round and it still using it.  10 year guarantee even if you use metal utensils.  Beats Le Creuset hands down technically.  10% of frying pans and deep frying pans.

15% off everything
25% off promotions

Alan Silverwood
15% off everything
All the commercial weight non-stick Masterclass bakeware and Alan Silverwood anodised aluminium bakeware is disounted by 15%.

Additionally we have 6"-9" sandwich pans, springforms, oven trays and oven tray and roasting tin sets on offer at 25% discount.
Pillivuyt Porcelain
"Restaurant Quality"
25% off
Highly fired and therefore very hard wearing and resistant to extreme temperatures, from from freezing to grilling, the 4 sizes of white baking dishes we have specially purchased will not craze or crack.
25% from RRP.
"Swift"  Roasting Tins
25% off
100% Stainless Steel with a traditional "textured" surface, this product is a robust alternative to non-stick.  Available in 4 sizes they are the best basic roasting tin available.  They will last anyone's lifetime!
Peugeot Salt and Pepper Mills
50% off selected mills
Recognised as the world's best salt and pepper mills they are another lifetime purchase.  We have several SETS at half price, including the electrical ones.
Anotech "Green Pans"  10% off.  These pans are never discounted on the internet or instore so this is a great deal.  Induction range also in stock.

32 Mill Street
Oxfordshire OX29 4JS
Tel. 01865 731717
Fax. 01865 731716
Email: info@eynsham-emporium.co.uk